Engine 704
2002 Pierce/ Enforcer
Engine 4 is a 2002 Pierce Enforcer which carries 750 gallons of water and a 1500 gpm pump. E-4 was the first unit to arrive in the state with IFS ( Independent front suspension ) and you can tell the difference with the ride. E-4 carries a variety of tools including a full compliment of Hurst equipment, seating for for up to 7 and a variety of forcible entry tools.
Tanker 704
2017 Spartan/Smeal
Tanker 704 has a 2500-gallon water tank, with a 1250 gpm pump carries 6 people. it also has 3 air activated 10" square dumps. It also has a portable pond that holds 2500 gallons of water for use fighting fires in rural areas of the county.
Brush 704
2018 Ford F350 4x4
Brush 4 is a 2018 Ford F350 4x4 with a 150-gallon water tank with foam capabilities. It is used for brush fires and special weather operations. It carries a chain saw, a numerous hand tools for brush fires.
EMS 704
2015 Ford Explorer 4x4
EMS 4 is used as a first responder vehicle. It handles all of our medical calls.
Car 4
1999 GMC Suburban
Car 4 is used as a auxiliary vehicle. It is used to transport members to calls and to haul Gator 4 and the Hazmat trailer.
Wagon 4
1985 Pierce
Wagon 4 was made the counties reserve piece when new E-4 was put into service and served the citizens of our area for over 20 years. It has been a little beat up and seen many fires, but still keeps going and will always be one of our best units. It carries 750 gallons of water and a 750 gpm pump. Wagon 4 was recently sold, but it will always be a special part of our company's history.
Tanker 4 (Retired)
1995 S&S Spartan
Tanker 4 is a custom cab tanker which carries 1800 gallons of water, seating for 5 and a 1250 gpm pump. It also has 3 air activated dumps 2 off of each side and 1 in the rear with a dump rate around 45 seconds.

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